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Can Hackers Access Your Smart Sex Toys?

In the age of COVID-19, there has been an increase in the sales of the next generation of sex toys that connect via Bluetooth or over the internet as people seek to keep long-distance relationships alive during the lockdown.

However, a study claims that the increase in teledildonic sex toys has led to hackers exploiting security vulnerabilities and gaining access to these technological vibrators and sexy toys, reports PC Gamer.

The potential risks of these hacks can go far beyond having an embarrassing private photo leaked onto the internet, as a new cybersecurity report has claimed that these smart sex toys could even be weaponised.

A new white paper from global cybersecurity experts at ESET, a multinational internet security company based in Bratislava, Slovakia, says that hackers could potentially cause physical harm to users, for example, by being reprogrammed to deliberately overheat.

The white paper warns that: “As newer, technologically advanced models of sex toys enter the marketplace, incorporating mobile apps, messaging, video chat, and web-based interconnectivity, devices become more appealing and exploitable to cybercriminals.”

ESET researchers Denise Giusto and Cecilia Pastorino found security flaws in the apps controlling several popular smart sex toys.

ESET highlighted the remote-controlled We-Vibe Jive vibrator, which was a high likelihood to be used in insecure environments due to its mobile nature. They warned that anyone with a Bluetooth scanner could find a We-Vibe in use up to 25 feet away.

Monitoring the Bluetooth signal strength would make it easy to identify the user of the “discreet” sex toy.

They also expressed concerns that gaining access to the device could also allow access to intimate photos and text messages stored on both users’ phones.

As these devices become increasingly popular it’s only going to get easier for hackers to electronically assault a teledildonics enthusiast without even touching them.

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