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Are There Different Types Of Female Orgasm?

A new study has found that there are three different types of female orgasm. Cosmopolitan Magazine reports that a small experiment by James Pfaus, a professor of neuroscience at Charles University in Prague, used a vibrator with special sensors and a Bluetooth connection to measure women’s response to stimulation.

The study of 54 women identified three distinct types of orgasm. The first is classified as a ‘wave’. This refers to a brief but intense pelvic contractions, followed by a release of tension. The second is termed a ‘volcano’, and refers to a more explosive sensation in the pelvic area, followed by a quick release of tension.

The third is an ‘avalanche’, which refers to higher pelvic contractions, which fade more gradually. The wave was the common type of orgasm, followed by the avalanche, and then the volcano. Prof Pfaus acknowledged that the study was small scale, and there was still more research to be done.

This is interesting, and it is important that we continue to research and talk about the female orgasm, if only to address the ‘orgasm gap’. This term refers to the fact that only 39% of women have orgasms during penetrative sex, compared to 91% of men. This inequality is something that is only just starting to be taken seriously. 

However, classifying women’s’ orgasms and labelling them in a way that compares them to violent natural phenomena is not necessarily helpful. There are many types of orgasm, and all women experience them in a different way. There are really no rules or scientific discoveries that you need to worry about!

Perhaps it’s best for women to have the confidence to experiment, and find out what works for them, rather than try to live up to external expectations. After all, isn’t that what women have been culturally conditioned to do for centuries? Sex should a satisfying and pleasurable experience which respects everyone’s needs, and that’s all that matters.

There are so many ways to experiment and get to know your body on your own terms now. This could be through partnered sex, solo sex, or by using a sex toy. For women, the key to much of their sexual satisfaction lies in the clitoris, which is a fact that is still often overlooked even today. 

It is commonly believed that the clitoris is just a small area at the front of the vulva, but in fact most of the organ is internal, and it contains thousands of sensitive nerve endings. Even when women experience a G-spot orgasm, this is because the internal parts of the clitoris are being stimulated through the vaginal wall. 

Many women find that using a clitoral stimulator helps them to really discover what their sexual potential really is. This is a vibrator designed to be used on the sensitive external part of the clitoris, at the front of the vulva. It has a range of speeds and vibration patterns, and can be used either with a partner, or for solo pleasure.

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