Our Mission

We are Kandid.

We are on a mission to build an inclusive community all things naughty.

We are Kandid.

We are on a mission to build an inclusive community all things naughty.

The Kandid Mission.

“We are fully committed to tackling the stigma around sex and aim to change judgemental attitudes, particularly for the LGBTQ+ community”

We dare to envision a world where everyone is included. A world where people are comfortable and encouraged to open up conversations around sex and sexual wellbeing, particularly for the LGBTQ+ community – irrespective of who you are or where you come from.

For many of us, regardless of your sexuality, gender identity or location, opening up about sex or buying a sex toy can be embarrassing (especially if it’s your first time). It can be daunting and unfortunately judged negatively by those closest around us. The industry is flooded with gendered, seedy and uninviting websites selling poor quality product which further pushes the stigma around sex toys and being comfortable with who you are.

Kandid is a fresh-thinking sexual wellness company. We believe in a world where you have the freedom to be who you want to be. A world in which you can play, experiment, try something new and learn about your own passions – without judgement. 

From the Founders.

“We are both members of the LGBTQ+ community and share a desire to remove the stigma around sex and toys for everyone”

We’re Josh & Greg, the Founders of Kandid. We noticed the seedy feeling around buying a sex toy and that’s not how it should be. We should be open to conversation and not embarrassed to want to explore our desires.

Buying products in service of your sex life can be daunting and awkward. We’ve designed our products, packaging and branding in a way that doesn’t scream sex – branding that could be used to sell clothing – as a way of empowering nervous and beginner shoppers to feel more comfortable. Only when shoppers are at this point will they truly be able to explore their sexual wellbeing and talk more openly about it.
ribbed rabbit vibrator

Here are some of the things we love.


We are fully committed to tackling the stigma around sex and sexual wellness products. We aim to encourage open conversations and change judgemental attitudes.

Our Differences

Regardless of people's backgrounds or kinks, we're here to celebrate our differences. Passion is different, and we love being kandid about what this looks like for you.


We believe everyone deserves a healthy relationship with pleasure. That's why our products are fairly priced and built to last. Whether a beginner or seasoned rider, we have something to suit everyone.

Great Experiences

We pride ourselves on and guarantee the quality of our products. Our support team are on hand to help you pick the right product or answer any burning questions.

The Kandid Collection

“Our products are built to last and are made of high quality materials. By needing to replace your products less, together we can reduce the burden of plastic-waste”

Sex, orgasm and foreplay has never been so flexible! We offer a range of products from sexual wellness products and couple play sets to lubricants and cleaning aids. All of our products come with a storage pouch and discreet, uniquely designed box.

Get ready to rumble! All of our vibrating products are made from the premium body-safe medical-grade silicone. Wave goodbye to batteries – just plug in and recharge with the USB charging cable. With a generous battery life, water-resistant design and multiple vibration modes you’ll be spoiled for choice.