How to use an anal douche

How to use an anal douche

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How to use an Anal Douche

Anal douches are great tool for all you anal sex and play lovers out there.  Their function being to clean out any remaining faeces in your rectum prior to anal sex or anal play (this is the area between your butthole and entrance to the sigmoid colon, this is the very last passage of the colon, where it meets the rectum).   

Anal douching work by placing a small amount of plain, clean lukewarm water into your rectum via the butthole. Prior to using a douche, the user must place a small amount of anal water-based lubricant onto the outer surface and upon the butthole and the shaft of the douche, then applying a very small amount of pressure on the bulb, pushing a little water into your butthole. You only need to clean a few inches and not the entirety of your gut to get the job done. 

Stool rests inside the sigmoid colon, this is the area of the rectum closest to the anus and rectum, and in it you will find a muscle that keeps your stool from entering the rectum until you are ready to poo, so it is likely that even without douching you will not find any stool during anal penetration or play.  It is recommended that you shower using plain lukewarm water to clean your butthole and use a douche to place just a small amount into it gently and this should be sufficient.  As over douching can lead to damage of the bowel we also recommend a high fibre diet, or taking fibre supplements as this can also be a great help to encourage bulkier stool, our fibre supplement is designed just for this, containing both psyllium husk and flaxseed and chia to support bulkier stall, it is also important to note that every butt is different and that different dosages of fibre work for different people and that you may have to find the timing and dosage that works for you to ensure your maximum cleanliness.

How it works

Anal douches work by cleansing out the anus prior to anal plan or anal penetration, assisting in making this as clean and hygienic as possible, eliminating as much mess as possible.  But to add to that it can also alleviate the fears and anxiety that can build up prior to anal sex and play.  The douche works by flushing plain clean lukewarm water lukewarm through the outer area of the anus before it is expelled, leaving it clean, they come in many shapes and sizes but care should be taken to use as little water as possible to avoid over douching, and with a small amount of anal relaxing water based lubricant should be as smooth and pain free as possible for both first time users and more avid users out there.

The wait time: you should wait around 45 minutes between douching and anal play, applying a small amount of anal relaxing lubricant prior to play to ensure optimum comfort in both plan and penetration.  The bottom does not have any natural lubrication so if you are engaging in anal sex or prolonged anal plan be sure to have plenty of anal lubricant readily available.

Douching: Advice for beginners

If you are a beginner there are some things you should know before you start using an anal douche, first and foremost, it is not recommended to clean out your butt too often due to the ecology the bottom, and that sometimes, even if you douche, you may see faecal matter, you are entering and playing with a butthole after all, but don’t let that put you off!

Another big issue particularly for beginner is starting too big, we recommend that the you douche with only a very small amount of water, using plenty of water based anal lubricant; a thick natural lubricant is most often recommended as it will likely stay in place longer and it will not irritate the area in and around your rectal canal when it is absorbed.

The essentials: It is essential to always clean your douche prior to using it and after using it, ever time, no matter what. Always put lube on the insertable end of the douche, and for good measure put some onto the outer rim of your anus for optimal comfort, as we’re not going to lie to you, it can be a little uncomfortable for the first-time user.  Always use plain clean lukewarm water to douche with, using soap or other chemicals (unless using a chemical enema) are not recommended.  You will have to adapt the angle of your body and your douche gently according to the best angle of the douche to ensure that it fits in comfortably, if you encounter pain do not continue and stop immediately.

Myth busting:

Having too much anal sex will not stretch it out, in fact, a lot of people have said that anal play and anal sex is a good way to prevent haemorrhoids because the area is more relaxed.  It is a misconception that you can stretch the anus, it is actually relaxing the anus.

Bigger is not better, in fact the less water you can use to comfortably get the job done the better, often people use too much water with not enough lube which can often end up damaging the area.

Women or trans men will feel pleasure in most circumstances, the perineal sponge about the first inch inside the anus is very sensitive to both pleasure and pain.  But it is also true that men and trans women with prostates will feel intense sensations with deeper penetration, between three to five inches inside the butthole, often producing intense orgasms that can be more intense than ejaculative orgasm.

Anal play should be fun, if you are experiencing pain, stop, add anal lubricant and/or use something smaller, if pain persists there is something wrong and your butt is trying to tell you something. The anus needs to be seduced and you need to build trust and confidence in a partner, then you can be more comfortable and able to open up and enjoy it.

The butthole is not as malleable as a vagina and is should not be treated as such, unlike a vagina, designed to accommodate an infant’s head by design, the anus is very tight, and should be treated with great care. The feeling of having something in your butthole is unique and for women and trans men it is often described as a feeling of fullness, and can be stimulating.

Spit, lotion, or any other liquid is not lubricant! DO NOT USE IT AS LUBE, this is not sexy, this is stupid and can cause damage, stick to anal lube. 

And last but not least, douching will not guarantee you will not come into contact with some faecal matter during play or penetration, you are entering a butthole so be realistic and it’s not a big deal.  

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