Need Help Finding Your G-spot

Need Help Finding Your G-spot

If you need help finding your G-spot, this is a handy guide to help you find it with or without sex toys

The latest research has it confirmed: women do have a g-spot, woohoo, but finding your g-spot can be a hard one! Why is this great news? Well, this baffling spot can provide us women with insane pleasure and here is a guide for you to find yours so you can exploit its magic to the max.

The g-spot, or the Grafenberg spot, is a highly erogenous spot located within your vagina. Aroused and stimulated properly, it can produce a very intense orgasm in women. However, many women are very frustrated because they do not know where this elusive zone of theirs is situated exactly and are thus denied the ultimate pleasure.

Due to the fact that the g-spot has been this sort of mystic, elusive thing for a long time, the medical community has been skeptical of its existence even though researchers have always insisted that it exists in every woman.

However, thanks to new research findings today, the debate is over. Based on biopsies and MRI scans by the medical community, it has now been established that the g-spot does in fact exist.

So, why don’t you take this guided tour of finding your sweet spot and find out what you can do with it once you find this blissful nub?

The G-spot Defined where it is and how to find your G-spot.

The size of the gspot is something that’s been greatly debated on. The truth is, there is no exact diameter. Why? Because not all women are the same! There are, however, a few guidelines.

As regards diameter, it’s said that the g-spot is about ¼ of an inch to a few inches in size. As regards texture, it’s said that it feels like the rough surface of your upper mouth. As regards location, it’s said to be just a few inches on the upper wall of your genitalia, somewhere behind your clitoris (c-spot).

Another area where various opinions are voiced is over the spot’s actually ‘classification’. Is it just an accidental collation of nerve endings or is it actually a vital organ in a woman’s body?

Recent research findings now make researchers believe that it is actually an organ. It’s said to be similar to the prostate gland found in men because the g-spot also seems to produce a chemical that resembles the slightly alkaline solution produced by the male prostate. Due to this latest finding, it now makes sense why women who have experienced a g-spot orgasm before feel a ‘wetness’ that’s different from the wetness they feel during c-spot titillation.

How YOU Can Expertly Finding Your G-spot

First of all, know now that locating and arousing the g-spot for the first time needs A LOT of practice. As such, it’s probably best to try and find it on your own first (solo) before enlisting the able fingers of your lover.

Start by finding a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for a while. Lie down and place a small pillow on your lower back to raise your hips. Think erotic, decadent thoughts now to arouse yourself. You can read a dirty mag, or watch an adult DVD, whatever it takes to start making you wet. Now start to play with your c-spot to really get you started.

This stage is actually very important because the g-spot gets engorged when you’re aroused. And of course, when it’s bigger, it’s also easier for you to find it later on.

Assuming you are now wet and hot, insert a finger or more, palm facing upwards, inside you. Keep the general location mentioned above in mind and start to feel for that slightly engorged, rough surface.

Don’t worry if you can’t find it right away. Just keep in giving yourself an ‘internal massage’ by groping the upper wall of your vagina. You’ll know when you’re near the area because your body will help you find it. That is, when you’re getting near it, your body will actually start to twist and bend to accommodate your fingers.

Here’s another tell-tale sign that you’ve found the spot: you want to pee badly. This sensation is because you the gspot is located near your bladder. However, no matter how bad you feel like urinating, ignore it. Just keep at it because the feeling will soon pass and you can focus again on the wild pleasures the g-spot brings.

Don’t forget that there are more roads than one to g-spot orgasmic bliss. As such, try to experiment as regards the motions and pressures you apply on the spot until you finally hit that mind-blowing orgasmic cocktail.

How HE Can Expertly Finding Your G-spot

The g-spot is for the most part unknown territory for most males. Luckily, you already went about finding your g-spot on your own so now you can guide him in this blissful exploration. However, you guys may still go through a bit of trial and error, so do be patient. Rome was not conquered in one day after all.

Engage in heavy foreplay and then lie down on your back. Encourage him to fondle your other erogenous zones first (nipples, neck, ears, navel, etc.), making sure that you are really hot and wet before he tries to explore your g-spot.

When you’re ready, ask him to put a small, soft pillow under your lower back and then ask him to insert a finger (or more than one) inside you, palm facing upwards. Guide him on how to find your g-spot, remember how you found yours during solo play.

Once he finds your g-spot, give sexy advice on how to arouse it and stimulate it with and without sex toys. Here’s a tip: tell him to continuously pat your spot with the tips of his fingers. It’s believed that the most powerful of moments are always the first times you feel being touched. This finger tapping is thus a way for your g-spot to be tricked into thinking it’s being touched for the first time with each tap.

The Best G-Spot Orgasm Positions

Going on top of your man is considered the best position for a g-spot climax. This is because this position enables you to be in command of how deep you want his penis inside you, how fast or slow you want the ‘thrusting’ to be, and how you want to angle your bodies for better stimulation on your g-spot.

Another great position for g-spot titillation is the lying down doggy-style position. In this position, you are on your belly on the floor or bed. You then spread your legs allowing him to penetrate you (via your vagina) from behind. For added friction, you can squeeze your legs together as he thrusts.

Of course, the missionary position does have its advantages too. However, for perfect g-spot stimulation do this position this way. Lie on your back, with your hips slightly raised with the help of a small pillow. Ask him to kneel in front of your spread legs and then ask him to penetrate this way. In this angle, he will be thrusting upwards, making his penis hit your g-spot right away.

Ever Heard of Combi Climaxes?

Why have one type of orgasm when you can have two? Really, knowing how to reach a g-spot orgasm doesn’t mean you have to choose between it and a c-spot climax. I say, why not have both?!?

The g-spot and the c-spot are located at two different areas of your body and they can produce different types of sensations so just imagine how wild it can be if you can com from both!

Here’s how you go for a blended orgasm. As indicated above, engage in heavy foreplay to ensure your c-spot and g-spot are slightly engorged. Tell him to penetrate you with his fingers and find the g-spot. After doing so, tell him to play with your clitoris using his other fingers. Better yet, he can simply bend down and perform oral sex with or without sex toys. (Another move is for you to reach down and fondle your own clitoris while he bends down and fondles your nipples.)

You can engage in either woman on top or the lying down doggy-style positions too. And then, somewhere between all that thrusting, reach down and fondle your clitoris. Of course, he can do that for you too with one of his hands.

Actually, come to think of it, you can also try the traditional doggy-style position (i.e., going on all fours). In this position, he can thrust from behind and then reach forward to play with your clit. Or you reach down and fondle with your c-spot as he grabs and fondles your nipples.

How to Increase the Force of Your Orgasms Ten-Fold

As you and your lover go along, you’ll soon find that you’re getting better and better at working your c-spot and g-spot. Good for you! Everybody deserves to benefit from the pleasures that their bodies can bring. And if you want to strengthen the pleasure more, then just read on for a few more tips.

Try Kegel exercises. Kegel routines help to tone your pelvic muscles. When you pee sometimes and you want to discontinue the flow (or prevent peeing altogether), the inner muscles you contract are the PC muscles so you already know what they are. Now, just engage in more of these exercises on a regular basis. Doing so will fortify your vaginal muscles, adding more ‘friction’ during intercourse.

Go ‘solo’ a bit more often. If you are not a big fan of masturbation, you might want to reconsider that thought. Solo play helps you to experiment and know your body more. And accomplishing this means you’ll be better able at hinting or telling your lover what you REALLY want in bed.

By Jessic Perez