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Regardless of people's backgrounds or kinks, we're here to celebrate our differences. Passion is different, and we love being Kandid about what this looks like for you

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We believe everyone deserves a healthy relationship with pleasure. We’re here to tell it to you straight when it comes to sex, pleasure and your intimate anatomy.

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We aim to encourage open conversations and change judgemental attitudes. Kandid Conversations is our weekly video series exploring issues around sexual pleasure, wellness and relationships.

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We dare to create a world where people are comfortable talking about sexual wellbeing. Meet Dr. Elehsa Vooght, our in-house sexual wellbeing doctor. Elesha is on hand to offer advice all things sexual wellness or answer your questions or concerns directly.

Dr. Elesha Vooght | Sexual Wellness Doctor

Dr. Elesha Vooght | Sexual Wellness Doctor

Elesha is an in-house sexual wellness doctor at Kandid. By day (or night), Dr Elesha is an NHS junior doctor with her clinical experience spanning from gynaecology and urology to psychiatry and public health. Pleasure and its role in health is her passion in all areas of her practice.

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Portia Brown | Ambassador & Content Creator

Portia Brown | Ambassador & Content Creator

Portia is a New York based sex educator, Kandid ambassador and content creator. Portia’s passion is helping black femmes navigate complicated sex topics and connecting with their sensuality. She offers one-to-one coaching and workshops for intimate groups and organisations.

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